Tax Dispute & Litigations

Our service includes assistance to the client in tax dispute.  During tax audit, we help the client to understand the position taken by DGT and help the client to prepare the audit response for tax audit defense.  We could also provide representation services during tax audit to communicate with DGT during any tax audit. For further dispute resolution, we could also help the client with similar services during tax objection process. Regarding tax appeal, we have license as tax attorney to represent the client in tax appeal process.  We could also help our client to solve the tax disputes to Supreme Court.

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Audit Assistance service is assists and advice clients on the best effort to deal with tax auditor from Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) during tax audit process. TPC will assists clients for various works in facing tax audit, since from pre-audit until the completion of the tax audit. TPC will works with clients in preparing documents that requested by tax auditor, explaining and answering tax auditor’s questions, giving response to tax audit finding, discussing the tax audit finding with the tax auditor and finalization tax audit process.

Tax Objection Assistance

When a client receives unfair tax assessment from the tax office (DGT), client as taxpayer may apply objection to its tax assessment letter. TPC will assists client in preparing and lodge the objection letters and represent the client at the Tax Office. TPC will assists clients in preparing documents requested by tax objection reviewer, dealing with tax objection reviewer to explain and defense the client’s position in the case, preparing response letter to SPUH and finalization of tax objection process.

Tax Appeal Assistance

In case of disagreeing to the tax objection decree issued by Directorate General of Taxes, client as taxpayer may submit appeal letter to tax court. If we think the client has a fair chance of winning, TPC will assists client and represent the client to pursue the case in the Tax Court. In this process, TPC on the best effort will assists client in preparing appeal letter, preparing additional explanation, preparing evidences, and attending court sessions to defense client’s positions and to win the case.

Judicial Review

In case of disagreeing to tax appeal decree issued by tax court, client as taxpayer may apply letter to ask the Supreme Court to perform judicial review on the tax appeal decree. In this case, TPC will assist client in preparing letter concerning judicial review and relevant evidences. TPC also assists client in preparing contra judicial review letter in case of DGT asks judicial review to tax appeal decision that in favor of clients.

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