Domestic Tax & Tax Advisory

Our domestic tax services and tax advisory areas cover:

Tax Advisory

TPC is able to provide advisory on tax risks assessment from several alternatives business transactions arrangements, tax opinion for any tax case or tax aspect of any specific transactions. The objectives of this services is to help client pro-actively planned their transactions and realizes the tax impacts and risks for chosen business transaction arrangements. Through this services, clients will be able to accomplish its financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible and effectively optimize its tax liability.

Tax Research

Tax research service could be provided if the taxpayer need to understand specific issues based on their need in business activities, business restructuring or tax dispute.

Tax Compliance

TPC is able to assist the taxpayers in complying with Indonesian’s taxation regulations, including monthly tax compliance and annual tax compliance.


Tax Review

TPC is also able to assist taxpayer to review your taxation liability to avoid any issues and to help you understand further and detailed tax issues. As a result, we can help you with the recommendation of how you could deal with these issues. Tax Review (TR) is performed to review the potential of tax obligation in any transactions or business activities of client. Such tax obligation may arise from routine or special transaction. We give the option to our clients to choose between:

  • Limited Tax Review

The scope of Limited Tax Review is limited in particular obligation, particular period, and particular type legal document and specific transactions. Limited review report is more limited and reveals the estimation of tax obligation. Limited review report can help taxpayers to obtain general description of tax obligation, to detect any transaction which creates maximal tax exposure, and to prevent from any higher tax risks.

  • Full Tax Review

The scope of Full Tax Review is all aspects of taxation’s obligation and all type of transaction the company. Taxpayer documents and bookkeeping will be reviewed in detail. Full Tax Review is comprehensive tax review for all aspects of clients business and transactions, so that can help taxpayers to prepare the tax planning and to deal with the tax issue in the best way.

TR service is performed using the similar standard tax audit techniques and procedures used by tax auditors when they conduct tax audit to audit taxpayer compliance with Indonesian tax regulations.

Additionally, we could help the taxpayer to develop the tailor-made Standard Operational Procedure (Manual/SOP) for tax compliance of income tax, VAT and KUP.

Tax Planning

The services could be used to understand tax compliance and minimize taxation while remaining compliant with the law in complicated situations such as, for instance, tax due diligence, merger and acquisitions, business restructuring, foreign direct investment or even a ruling from the tax authority. Through tax planning, our service will help the clients to accomplish its financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Thus, it will effectively optimize the client’s tax liability.

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