International Tax Services

Issues on International tax are a priority for multinational corporations.  This is due to the fact that international tax is more sophisticated and is subject to more disputes than general tax areas. Therefore it requires professional assistance from international tax experts with extensive experience and knowledge. Taxindo Prime Consulting (TPC) has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise to respond to any international tax or international related matter. We are also able to render.

Advice on international transactions and treaties

In close cooperation with our clients’ tax and accounting departments, Taxindo Prime Consulting (TPC) is able to provide advise on tax issues in relation to international transactions, such as the withholding of taxes in cross-border transactions, and payment of value-added tax.  We are also able to assist with meeting all our client’s foreign tax compliance obligations including filing tax returns, completing the supporting computations and schedules, conduct tax assessments and assist in all correspondence with tax authority.

International tax strategies

Should an Indonesian company enters into the overseas markets or a multinational company enters the Indonesian market, it is important for the company to have a comprehensive international tax strategy covering the following issues: type of business; type of internal trading among affiliated companies; method of determining transfer prices; and a global strategy to minimize tax burdens. Taxindo Prime Consulting (TPC) is ready to assist in establishing international tax strategies based on a long-term perspective.

MAP (Mutually Agreed Procedures)

Double taxation can arise from jurisdictions conflict, tax residence conflicts and others sources. Taxindo Prime Consulting (TPC) is able to assists taxpayers in resolving Mutual Agreement Procedures for the elimination of double taxation or MAP and in the preparation of international arbitration conventions.

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